Listed below are links to valuable resources from county and state organizations:


Advance Illinois

Advance Illinois is an independent, objective voice promoting a public education system in Illinois that prepares all students to be ready for work, college, and democratic citizenship.

The organization’s biennial report, The State We’re In 2019 focus on the foremost challenge we face as a state: providing a public education that prepares all students for success in college, career and democratic citizenship.

Erikson Institute

Erikson Institute is an early childhood development organization committed to ensuring that all children have equitable opportunities to realize their potential. In addition to education programs, Erikson Institute provides services and supports to families, creating and sharing knowledge, partnering with schools and communities and empowering informed leaders.

The institute’s Illinois Risk and Reach Report presents a set of curated data indicators representing risk factors that undermine optimal child development, and compares them to the reach of publicly funded programs and services that support early childhood well-being. This analysis is conducted at the county level with the intention of understanding the extent to which programs and services for young children and their families are reaching communities in need of support.

Illinois State Board of Education

Illinois State Board of Education administers public education in the state of Illinois. The State Board consists of nine members who are appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. The board sets educational policies and guidelines for public and private schools, preschool through grade 12. It analyzes the aims, needs and requirements of education and recommends legislation to the Illinois General Assembly and Governor for the benefit of the more than 2 million school children in the state.

A new report from the Illinois State Board of Education, the 2019-2020 Kindergarten Individual Development Survey, or KIDS report, says the vast majority of children who entered kindergarten last year were not kindergarten-ready, lacking many of the skills needed for long-term success in school. The report shows about only one-fourth of those students, 26 percent, demonstrated readiness across all three key development areas: social and emotional development; language and literacy development; and math.

Lake County Regional Board of Education

The mission of the Lake County Regional Office of Education is to serve as an advocate for education by providing effective leadership, performing regulatory functions in partnership with the Illinois state board of education as directed by the School Code of Illinois, coordinating and delivering state and local services, and disseminating information to educators, school districts and the community. Not only is it determined that any Lake County citizen who has a need and a desire for an educational opportunity shall have it, it is firm in its belief that “every child should have an opportunity to be successful every day.”

Partnership for College Completion

The Partnership for College Completion’s mission is to catalyze and champion policies, systems and practices that ensure all students in the Chicago area, particularly low-income and first-generation students, graduate from college and achieve their career aspirations. The Partnership for College Completion wants to help establish northeastern Illinois as a national leader by eliminating the college degree achievement gap for low-income and first-generation students in the region by 2025. To accomplish this, PCC works to raise public awareness, provide support to colleges and universities and to improve the public policy conditions for student success in Illinois.

The Partnership for College Completion publishes data and research driven reports and publications, with the most recent being a trio of reports focusing on College Affordability for Students in Illinois.  The companion reports provide insight into how disparities in access, cost and ability to pay are creating barriers for Illinois students across that sate and recommends policy action to start reversing these trends.  Other publications and policy reports can be found here.


Alliance for Human Services of Lake County

Alliance for Human Services in Lake County is a powerful coalition of organizations and individuals committed to continually improving the quality of human services available in Lake County, Illinois.

B.E.S.T. – Bringing Everyone’s Strengths Together in Round Lake, Illinois

The mission of B.E.S.T. is to be a coalition of individuals and organizations that networks and collaborates to respond to community needs, promote character-building community-wide and empower community members to positively impact the Round Lake Area by Bringing Everyone’s Strengths Together.

Coalition for Healthy Communities

Zion, Beach Park and Winthrop Harbor – The Coalition for Healthy Communities has influenced positive change in Beach Park, Zion and Winthrop Harbor by empowering youth, reducing substance abuse and developing local leaders.

Live Well Lake County

Live Well Lake County is a collaboration between representatives from a variety of community based organizations, government agencies, health care systems, and academic institutions. The purpose of Live Well Lake County is to guide the community health assessment process, prioritize community issues, and collaborate with one another and with other partners to take action and improve the overall health and well-being of all who live, learn, work, and play in Lake County.


Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County

The Healthcare Foundation of Northern Lake County supports efforts that improve access to health services for underserved Lake County, Illinois, residents. The nonprofit strives to improve the health status of uninsured, underinsured, and medically underserved residents. HFNLC is especially interested in addressing gaps in health services; increasing the capacity of effective organizations and programs; and fostering innovative solutions to persistent healthcare access problems.

Lake County Community Foundation

Since 2003, The Lake County Community Foundation, has connected the generosity of donors with community needs by making grants to organizations working to improve the lives of the most vulnerable residents of our county. As nonprofit organizations, local governments and businesses strive to tackle issues of concern, the Foundation provides civic leadership bringing all stakeholders to a common table. Working together, the Foundation, its donors and its community partners leverage collective knowledge, creativity and resources for a greater impact than any can make alone.

Lake County Partners

Lake County Partners, a 501(c)3 economic development corporation, works to maintain economic vitality and quality of life in Lake County, Illinois by creating and retaining quality jobs, stimulating capital investment, pursuing economic diversity and improving the County’s business climate.

Lake County Health Department

Lake County Health Department & Community Health Center promotes physical and emotional health, disease, injury and disability prevention, and protect the environment, through the assessment of needs, the development of public policy and the provision of accessible, quality services. The Community Health Center provides medical, women’s health, pediatrics, dental and WIC services to underserved, uninsured population of Lake County, Ill.

The LCHD, along with Live Well Lake County, developed a five-year Community Health Improvement Plan that identifies community health priorities, monitors progress in achieving these outcomes, strives to improve the community’s health and aims to focus attention and resources on strategies to affect positive health outcomes. 


Heartland Alliance

Heartland Alliance, the leading anti-poverty organization in the Midwest— believes that all of us deserve the opportunity to improve our lives. Each year, the Alliance ensures this opportunity for nearly one million people around the world who are homeless, living in poverty, or seeking safety.

Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is devoted to developing a brighter future for millions of children at risk of poor educational, economic, social and health outcomes. The foundation’s work focuses on strengthening families, building stronger communities and ensuring access to opportunity, because children need all three to succeed.

The foundation’s 2021 KIDS COUNT Data Book provides a detailed picture and state trends of how U.S. kids are faring, ranking states on overall child well-being, economic well-being, education, health and family and community factors.

Rob Paral and Associates

Rob Paral is a demographic and public policy consultant, specializing in immigrant, Latino and Asian populations, community needs for health and human service programs, and Midwestern demographic change. His company, Rob Paral and Associates, extensively publishes data and insight into the Midwest and Illinois, with emphasis on issues impacting health and disability. The publications help organizations better understand the communities they serve.